Your tag and what it means


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Thought id strike up a post..How did u come up with your game name?

iMine came from listening to Tupac from back in the day. He had a song (rap) called "Outlaw Immortals" So mine came from a song..Who ever woulds thought?

Anyone else?


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mine was supposed to be spook but it was already taken, cuz i changed it from shootemup back in delta force extreme when i joined ghost infantry. when i started playin bad company 2 it became spooketh.


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SDTF/NSDQ = My first clan I started back in sof2.

Maester = A bad guy from Final Fantasy 10 the Maester of Yevon.


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Zed was the bad cop/security guard in Pulp Fiction. Grace was his chopper that Butch took. The avatar picture is a closeup of the "Z" key fob with the chopper key.

I use Zed-SA (I do live in Helotes, TX on the outskirts of San Antonio, thus SA) in Battlefield3 because EA already had associated my ZednGrace name with my XBox360 account and said that they couldn't merge them.
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