Windows 7

So, I installed Windows 7.

Not bad, and happy except for a periodic blue screen crash. I posted more detail on HBD forums, but it talks about a memory dump or some shit.

Anyways, I need the server info for vent. I donno the port number. I have the cadmium stuff right, but not the post. Thanks. :p /emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">

And if you can, please go to HBD and check my thread. I would love to fix this BSOD, because it is the ONLY thing preventing me from making love to Windows 7 :p /emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">
I've been impressed with Win7 so far on my laptop, only issue being an unstable video driver every once in a great while (Intel hasn't come out with Win7 drivers yet so it's using the Vista drivers)

I'm debating wiping my XP desktop and putting 7 on there too.
I'm done.

Fucking finished.

Windows 7 pushed me over the edge. 18 hours of fighting, replacing RAM, dealing with blue screens, and freezing like a rock.

Windows 7 can get stuck up Microsoft's ass for all I care. I am NEVER upgrading. I don't give a fuck if I can't play new games. There's nothing I am looking forward to anyway, plus I spend too much damn time on here anyway.

I'll keep my PC that I built until it is totally obsolete and then I will buy one from a manufacturer. My days of computer building are done. I never want to deal with this shit again. It was once fun, but now it is a painful chore.
thats the vista part of 7

just run all yr shit as XP from what ive herd.

i built a PC for my father in Law and i told him to put XP on it.

did he listen NOPE, he put vista and his shit crashes every game on to BLUE!!!

Vista can suck my ass, no,no it can eat the CORN! out of my SHIT!
I too am running Win7 - 64 bit....ah the beauty of 4 gigs of ram. Think I might add 4 more. My only issues are with the sound drivers, and it is an ASUS issue. It is in the bios and ASUS has some gay ass Down load manager that I can't get to work. I cant update the bios, so I guess i have to buy a sound card instead of using the on-board sound. Sucks, cause I use Fatality headphones gaming, and when I listen to music I use my Logitek THX speakers, which neither require a fancy sound card.

I will keep trying and post an update if it changes.