Why do I get kicked with a Cross Game ban message?


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Some games share the same PB GUID such as Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3. In older games the PB GUID was based on the CD-Key of a game therefore each game had a unique PB GUID. However today more and more games are generating the PB GUID from an account system such as Steam or Origin.

This means if you get banned in one game you will be banned for all games that share the same GUID on servers that enable the Cross Game Bans option.

This feature is optional for server admins at PBBans and is not enabled by default. More information about Cross Game Bans can be found at the following:

Enforce Cross Game Bans - Site Updates - PBBans

The best solution is to not buy games on Origin or Steam using the same account that was previously used to cheat in another game.

With some games using one standard PB GUID that is shared among multiple games, we have added a new Enforce Cross Game Bans option which checks connecting players GUIDs against the MBi across multiple games that share the same PB GUID. This means that if you get banned in one game you are kicked in other game that uses the same GUID.
Games that share the same PB GUID are:

- Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor (2010),

- Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter.

- Red Orchestra 2 and America's Army Proving Ground

That means if a player is banned in Battlefield 3 they are also automatically banned in Battlefield 4 and Medal of Honor Warfighter (For servers with the Enforce MBi Bans (Cross Game) flag enabled) but that does not apply to Bad Company 2 as they do not share the same GUID.