whiners penalty box


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that's true. but we could name it after you since people come in here swearing to god that you're the meanest guy of all. except the new guy in the chat box which no one can figure out.


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1."I was banned, and it totally wasnt my fault, it was totally the admins, he told me i could do it!!!!111! I swear!"

2."PLEASE UnBN Meh, OuTlaW is being A MeaNi Pants!!!!

Ps Give meH te adminz or I WiLl CalL FBIs ON U"

3.Almost anything in the unban request folder.

I like the sounds of this penalty box, maby it should be a 4x4 room with no windows, foam walls and a blow up goat, and jar of vaseline.


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all capping in crapped up english is grounds for penalty box as well.

Outlaw, no offense seems to piss alot of people off. I think anyone who comes here to bitch about outlaw goes automatically to the box