When do you think the next update will come out?

How many more betas do you think there will be for iOS 12?

  • Zero, next will be public iOS 12

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  • More than 2 because of all the bugs.

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As you all know, we are getting very close to the public release of iOS 12. Apple announced late last week that the new iPhones will be unveiled on 9/12/2018 and iOS 12 will drop right after as usual. How many more Betas do you guys think there will be? I am betting on one more, there was no update yesterday or today, so I’m guessing one final update Friday the 7th, or if not then maybe Monday the 11th. There are also a lot of bugs still in the patch notes that have not been resolved yet. For me iOS 12 has been running exceptionally smooth and fast, it feels like it’s almost the final release. What do y’all think?