WarThunder Patch 1.33 Notes


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Update 1.33 brings us one step closer to the release and adds some really important gameplay changes, that will provide players with more freedom to choose how they want their aircraft tuned and prepare it to attain wide variety of combat tasks. The most important changes to be introduced in 1.33 are consumables and new modification system. Modification system basically means that a player will be repairing his war-beaten aircaft.

We bring new elements that will give an opportunity to tune your aircraft to get the best results for you. Historically during WWII, a new pilot in the Squadron did not receive a new plane when he joined but most likely he would get a worn craft. While flying his steel bird a pilot and his fellow mechanic adopted the plane to specific tasks the pilot needed to attain, they replaced and added parts of the craft, tuned armament and customized defenses of a plane. So we are implementing this scenario for War Thunder – the player will be replacing worn parts with new ones, thus his aircraft could reach the characteristics of a reference model . Read more details about modification system and consumables in the upcoming Devs Diaries.

New aircraft


  • LaGG-3 8
  • LaGG-3 11
  • La-5 37
  • La-5F
  • Yak-9К
  • Yak-17


  • De Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB.Mk.5.


  • Grumman F9F-5 Panther
  • Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer
  • Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star
  • Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat
  • Grumman F8F-1b Bearcat
  • Republic P-47D-28 Thunderbolt

(Notice: All new planes except Yak-9К and F9F-5 Panther are in progress of tuning their FM. By the release of 1.33 all FMs will be working. Same applies to USA planes that are already in the game – we hope most of their FM issues will be fixed by the release of 1.33)


  • Completely new tab for modifications
  • Clear display of influence of modifications on aircraft performance
  • Added selection of colour for the crosshair and several interchangeable crosshairs (colour selection and crosshair selection wil be updated)
  • with approaching of flutter speed instrumental speed will appear
  • during display of Speed and altitude, units of measurement have been added
  • added display of negative influence of externally carried armament


  • New metal shading.
  • “Cloud quality” option will affect the quality of their reflections in the water as well
  • Cloud rendering in 3d mode is fixed
  • Propeller Disappearance has been fixed
  • The whole rendering system has been optimized,the whole rendering process has been made faster as well as rendering for grass.


  • Lots of new modifications for different planes. Almost all the modifications are upgrades for the planes, replacing old, worn parts with new ones ….. Some modifications are different, but they are the minority of what is planned (eg lendlease fuel, rear armor plate replacement).
  • New modifications added that will allow installation of gun and rocket pods
  • New approach to modifications' and armamament's research
  • Crew that took part in the battle are now blocked in the game for five minutes after quitting the battle. (or until the battle ends if it ends earlier). 5 minutes lock for all who leave in first 5 minutes in AB and HB, no lock for FRB
  • Players can now buy camo and decals with Golden Eagles (without achieving the needed requirements for unlock)
  • Shell racks are now consumables and should be replenished.
  • Ammo, rockets, torpedoes and bombs are spent after they are used in battle, not after the battle is over.
  • Weapons won't reload if there are no more purchased shell racks left. (except for “default” shell racks – they are free and unlimited but not that efficient)
  • When hitting with no damage – player won't receive rewards, but will get the message that no damage was done.
  • If your premium is over, after the battle is over in a debriefing window you will have an opportunity to buy premium for a week and thus get all the rewards you should receive if you were playing with premium.
  • You have an opportunity to buy modifications with golden eagles.
  • Healing speed Skill is replaced with weapon maintenance skill
  • Rockets for German and American planes added.
  • No air kills will be awarded with air collisions.


  • Aircraft Purchase Price lowered by 30%
  • modification purchase price lowered
  • Cost of the repair now depends on the installed modifications (Cost of repair of un-modified planes will be even lower, by 10-20%)
  • Reduction of repair cost of un-modified planes by about 10%
  • Experience requirements for unlocking new modules have been lowered
  • Repair Cost of Aircraft tier 11 to 18, have been lowered even further

FM changes:

  • MiG-15 bis WEP is fixed
  • La-5FN and LA7 performance at critical angles is fixed
  • Plane performance will be negatively affected by cannon pods
  • All externally carried armament (rockets, bombs, torpedoes and cannon pods) has been adjusted so that they affect aircraft performance more historically correct.

DM changes:

  • Damage of Mg’s and cannon shells increased, damage caused by the real kinetic energy of a shell is more accurate.
  • For the planes that have 1st and 2nd pilot DM is changed, so both pilots should be knocked out in order to lose the plane. That applies to:
  • B-17E
  • B-17E late
  • B-17G
  • B-24D
  • B-25
  • YeR-2 ACh30B
  • G4M1
  • G5N1
  • G8N1
  • PBY-5
  • PBY-5a
  • SM-79
  • А-26С
  • Flame protection modelling/simulation is added. After a fire outbreak in the engine area, the pilot is not injured while the fire seal is whole (20 seconds).


  • New bomb load options for Ju-87B2, Ju-87R2 , Ju-87D3, Ju-87D5.
  • New bomb load options for Ju-88A4.
  • New bomb load options for IL-4 including external load. Overall bomb load can reach up to 2 tons.
  • Load-out of the “default” shell racks for ShVAK and B-20 cannons is changed to HI-T/AP-I (in 1 to 1 proportion)

USA Browning 12.7 mm Mgs have new shell types, the old ones got their own names:

  • M1 – incendiary bullet
  • M23 - incendiary bullet (appeared in 1945, has starting speed of 1000 m/s, incendiary material's weight is 5 g)
  • M2 – armor piercing bullet
  • M20 – armor piercing incendiary tracer bullet
  • M8 – armor piercing incendiary bullet
  • M1 – tracer bullet

M23 and M20 bullets are available for the aircraft that served during the end of WWII and after.

BR-21 rocket added for German planes

"Tiny Tim" anti-ship rocket added for US planes

Additional weapons added:

  • Ruestzustand 1 ( R 1) for Bf .109 F -4 (2 x 20 mm MG .151/20 gun with ammo load of 125 rounds per each gun)
  • Ruestzustand 6 ( R 6)) for Bf .109 G -2, G -6, G -10 (2 x 20 mm MG .151/20 gun with ammo load of 125 rounds per each gun)
  • MG.151/20 with 125 rounds ammo load for Fw-190A-5
  • Rüstsatz 3 (R3) for Fw-190F-8 ( 2 x 30-mm MK -103 gun with ammo load of 35 rounds per each gun)
  • BR20 Rockets for Bf .109 G -6 / W - 2 rails under the wing panels
  • Ruestzustand 6 (R6) rockets for Fw-190A-5 - 2 rails under the wing panels.

Bug fixes

  • Penetration issue for 20mm AP-I shells for ShVAK fixed. For 50 m distance it is increased from 20m to 30 mm.
  • guidance angle for IL-4 turrets fixed
  • default bomb load for IL-4 is changed from 2x250 kg bombs to 10x100 kg or 10x50
  • Damage model of TBF-1C fixed. (ailerons durability is increased )

New features

  • You can select the shell racks for all planes that have defensive/turret armament
  • For all gun and rocket pods armament (rockets, bombs torpedoes and cannon pods) - their aerodynamic resistance affects performance of the aircraft.
  • New pilot models are added for the following aircraft:








beaufighter mk21

beaufort mkviii

boomerang mki

boomerang mkii




Maps and missions.

  • [Domination]

Stalingrad winter: 3rd airfield is added, amount of tickets for both teams is increased.

Zhengzhou. 3rd airfield is added, amount of tickets for both teams is increased.

Peleliu. Ticket loss speed is reduced if both teams have captured airfields.

Mozdok. Ticket loss speed is reduced if both teams have captured airfields.

Krymsk. Time to capture airfield on this map is the same as for other maps

  • [Ground strike]

Cliffed coast - spawning points for the teams is changed to improve balance.

Stalingrad - spawning points for the teams is changed to improve balance.

  • Ground units are now divided into 2 groups – attacking and supporting, The victory comes after destroying the attacking group, support units are not required to be destroyed (but it still brings income). That means that “gremlins” will hardly affect the battle – ground units kill each other only on the line of contact.