War Thunder First screenshots of the upcoming maps: Cliffed Coast and Deserted Coast


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War Thunder proudly presents first screenshots for the new maps of the upcoming global update!

Meet two maps for Arcade Battle mode with working titles «Cliffed Coast» and «Desert Coast»!

[h=3]Cliffed Coast[/h]

Cliffed coast is a quiet rural region by the sea. Walls of an ancient castle rise above the gorgeous rolling lowlands. Small villages are scattered about beneath tall cliffs. The map was inspired by the picturesque views of the green meadows and hills of Ireland.

[h=3]Desert Coast[/h]

Hot breath of a desert flows above sun-burnt lands. Sand dunes and lifeless cliffs with thin vegetation stretch out as far as the eye could reach. This is a scarcely populated area with a few villages and white spires of mosques. Desolate views of North Africa define the landscape of the Desert Coast.