This kid needs a new card


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How much are you willing to spend? 8800GT prob won't run bad company or bf3. I got a nvidia geforce gt240 brand new for $90
sdtfmaester said:
How much are you willing to spend? 8800GT prob won't run bad company or bf3. I got a nvidia geforce gt240 brand new for $90
I have maby $30 at my disposal, i thought that $25 was a good deal, seeing as how i have seen bfbc2 run on it, and i wanna play portal 2 and mostly valve games. The only two issues i have right now, are the power supplie and the size of that damn card.
That is a good card and certainly worth $25. It will definitely run BC2 (as you said you saw) and I would say depending on your processor might even run BF3 on lowest settings (to be seen) so I say go for it.
Well, i was gonna get it on Kijiji, but the email we used to contact the seller was just screwed by a virus, and the same virus, just made it impossible to turn the computer on for more than 3 seconds. FFS

Edit: It was 10 : 1 Because my sister was downloading random shit, music, midget porn, the like.
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After trying to upgrade our shitastic home computer, i did the noble thing... and gave up, but now that its summer, and i can get a summer job, i can also get a computer. So i want some help deciding what i can build, and for how much, i was thinking maby a $700-900 DIY build from new egg, then expanding as needed. the most im willing to shell out is $1,500. That is including monitor and other things i need, IE, an OS.

Edit: i was thinking of starting from here:
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This looks like a great start. I've built many a gaming PC and these are good components. Another 560ti in SLI in the future would be a nice upgrade to BF3 with eye candy maxed out. There are also good deals on monitors. Try to stay with 1920x1080 with that card to get great frame rates. Good luck with your build -- NewEgg is great to deal with.
I am either very lucky, or about to be ripped off, i decided to spent the $1,500, but not on the box its self, it comes with a 27'' monitor, a keyboard and a

mouse, an alienware wanna be case HAS FLASHY FAN LIGHTS :D /emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">, 700W Ps, i7 Quad-core Processor, 6gigs of ram, some really jacked up Gfx Card Gts 450, Windows 7 premium, 1Tb hard drive, and a bit more, ill reveal more as i know it I know all i need, motherboard is a gigabyte 5 series (Not exactly specific, eh?). and now, my noob question, CAN I PLAY BF WITH YOU NAO?

PS Once i get BFBC2 Hooked up on that shit next week, you'll all be mopped up by my medic class LMG spam.
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