Some clan updates


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Some updates for everyone...

Teebone has been in discussion about starting a BF4 server. Anyone wishing to play battlefield 4 again please chime in so he knows who all is interested.

Their has been some discussion about starting an insurgency sandstorm server. 32 players is $31.95 a month players range from 8-32. So if anyone is interested please feel free to let me know and we can get something going.

For all the rust players I have been working on a PVP Zombie server. Any server you currently see running zombies is PVE which is fun however it takes away from raiding etc. I figured adding the aspect of raiding especially at night you still have to worry about the zombies. The zombies can be set to different levels of difficulty and can also be set to different numbers in a horde. I been testing with 10 in a horde. With that said it’s only in test mode atm. If anyone likes the idea and sounds like a fun game mode then we can discuss setting up a perm server. I truly believe with the zombies and it being different will draw other people.