Snake and Snots Toys for Tots Weekend

Hey ladies

The snakes and snots clan asked me to thank Team FX for there support of the Toys for Tots Drive.   There goal was $1,800 and ended up with $3,000.   I know that because of the economy and the sudden notice of the drive for Team FX members there was not a lot of participation.  However, if Mystical will agree that we will advertise earlier and try to get more participation.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy new year.
or people can do what i did and just find a local family in need and adopt them for christmas. "NO CHILD SO GO WITHOUT A PRESANT FOR CHRISTMAS".
smoker that is great.  This time of year is when we should be helping those less fortunate then our selves.   I chose since I have little income this year to help Snake and Snots drive and I know that a couple people from our group helped.   I will probably donate to them next year if they decide to have another drive.   I was just passing along their thanks for those that helped make it a success.