Scrim match

What do you homos think about doing a scrimmage match against another clan?  I should be able to set one up against SOC, PALs, HBD, ECG, or or someone. As a clan we all play BC2 very well. Almost every game we play in we own the top three spots on either team. We might have to designate some plp to be certain kits for health, ammo, repair, covering fire, and sniper coverage/overwatch.  Post on here if you are interested and your thoughts toward it.  Also what days in the next week you could play.
I am in  to take on  *SOC*   and  HBD giz would make a good sniper   and i would make good shotgun killin machine..

i'm up for that

i'll play ANY night uk timezone #very happy to sit back and spot and snipe

squid knows i'm a pain in the ass to any opposing team when in that role haha