Router Q

I have a 2.4 gihz Wireless G Linksys Router.  Would it make a difference if i had a better/different router to help me with speed?  

There are days mine seems to do very well. I know ping is involved. There are other days where i honestly have severe lag issues on the same servers.  For example the other day i had a shotun. I would sit in the boat and watch a doorway.  Sometimes i would shoot twice ...Bang, cock, bang with neostead and still not even HIT the guy.  Entire circle site on his body but no hit.  This happened in the area of 5-7 times.  Later on i logged on and it was like i couldnt miss.  It honestly seemed like if i got in the general area of people, they keeled over (not with shotty).  

Im not sure if there are gaming routers or faster ones, some specs are in mbs and some in ghz. Im not sure how to compare which is better.



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Wireless N would be better best way to test the scenario is to see if your lag happens when directly connected to your internet source. If it doesnt then get a wireless N router they are faster and have more distance. If so then it could be the connection crapping out from time to time.
i've had the same experience with the game myself

some nights i cant seem to hit anything due to the ping

other nights i seem to be unstoppable

i'm useing the belkin g router but i'm in scotland so my ping is always gonna be high

i just get on with it

i can live with being good one night and bad the other haha(even if i do bitch about it)
dude your going to get what your provider gives you plain n simple there is a lot to look at  when this comes out  .  how far from central hub how many  hops to  dc before it hits the server  do a trace route and see where you  routing is.  i bounce 3 time to pittsburgh before i hit  washington  then the server,
Your router itself does not affect your speed. If you are using the wireless side anything such as walls, weather, and distance away from the point could cause some kind of issue with connection. DUQIS is absolutely correct in you are going to get what your provider gives you. I had a similar issue a few moths ago with horrible lag. I called my ISP and they did a signal test from the switch/hub to my house (which is only 3 blocks away) I have a 12Mb connection (DSL) and a new modem from my ISP fixed it all. I also found out that my CAT5 cable which I had for about 4 years was causing some problems as well.


1. Has your connection/ping been bad for a certain period of time or has it just started?

2. Is it a bad ping on other games? (Some video issues will appear as though you are lagging when u have a decent ping)

3. Does your PC have the minimum requirtements to run a game that you are having issues with?

4. What are your PC Specs?

5. Do you have cable or DSL service?

6. Are you sharing a connection? (Wii, another PC running a service like Netflix)

7. Do you just want me to shut up?