PBBans dissolves Partnership with GGC


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I'm sure some know about the PBBans decision to block the GGC website from accessing our banlists. We have done so for more than one reason but the biggest reason is they are encouraging admins they do not need to stream to PBBans which even led to some server admins dropping PBBans entirely. Their reason for that suggestion is because they import and enforce our bans anyway.
We blocked their servers from accessing our webserver and formally informed them to cease downloading our banlist to which they ignored and downloaded them using other means. We asked them for a second time to do so but again they refuse to acknowledge our request. We even displayed a similar message as this post to any traffic originating from their website but they added a redirect service anonym.to to bypass this message. So we are now posting this information to the public.

Shortly after we blocked them they removed the feed we used to import their bans and displayed "- Please contact the webmaster -" instead. That is why they are no longer included in our EBL. We remove any site that we cannot get an up to date banlist for because unbanned guids wouldn't be updated on our end which means innocent players would be kicked and we do not want that to occur. We respected their decision and have not tried to import them using other methods.

PBBans imports and enforces bans as well but we do not suggest anyone drop streaming to another site. The EBL was not created to replace anyone. In fact it was created out of my laziness. I was tired of checking the same GUID on many different anti-cheat websites so I made the EBL to check those sites automatically and if a match was found then provide a link to the website the guid is banned on. It was never my intention to replace any 3rd party anti-cheat website with the EBL in order to gain streaming exclusivity. In fact we often promote server admins to multi-stream to others to make a better anti-cheat community.

There have been other incidents that we ignored over the many months because we didn't want to start an AC war. Only people who win in those are the cheaters. Since streaming servers is what makes PBBans so effective, we will not allow anyone to import our ban lists and have them encourage users to cease streaming or not sign up with PBBans because the server admin can use an enforce bans option. Without streaming servers, fewer cheaters get caught and that is against our goal. I'm sure server admins know what it's like to have a player come in your server and spam their server info or clan website in a hope to attract players away from your server. It's disrespectful to say the least.

We didn't want to resort to this but in the end we have to protect ourselves and our goals. Server admins can stream to PBBans, AON, GGC and others simultaneously therefore we feel this decision is best for us but doesn't affect the anti-cheat community.