Patch 1.39


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War Thunder Update 1.39 has arrived! Among the most important additions are:[/h]

  • New aircraft, including the North American F-82 Twin Mustang, Republic F-84 Thunderjet, Lavochkin jet fighters La-15 and La-174, Supermarine Spitfire (Griffon-powered variants) and many other planes

  • New epic map “Kursk” and many new missions for different modes

  • Squadron battles in Events mode, squadron duel rating

  • Players’ rating (“ladder”)

  • User generated content support: maps, missions, camouflages and even custom aircraft (more details in the upcoming issues of War Thunder Dev blog)

  • Progression system adjustments: new aircraft of the same rank take less time to unlock, jet aircraft are significantly more accessible

  • “Schräge Musik” weapon system available for some Japanese and German night fighters

  • Separate fire control for the weapons of different calibres

  • Significant improvements for AI behaviour

You will find more details about these exciting features and other changes in the War Thunder 1.39 full changelog.

So what are you waiting for? Update the game and rush into battle!

[h=3]Spitfire F Mk.22[/h] [h=3]Spitfire F Mk 24[/h] [h=3]La-15[/h]

[h=3]Mig-15bis GDR[/h] [h=3]North American F-82 Twin Mustang[/h] [h=3]F-86 F-30 Jap[/h]