One Big Bag oF SHIT!!!! GOT Stung

OK, here's something for you guys to sink your teeth into about this fucked up government we have.

       and state police we have.

everyone knows a little bit about me right, if not ask. you guys are like my gaming familly.

yesterday i got a call from craigslist a guy who wanted a new A/C. this guy ask if i could sell him a new a/c and install it,

i told him yea Ive been doing HVAC since 1998 just cant get a job in the field because of a DUI i got three years ago, just trying to make some money to pay for the OHS class that i have to have before the DMV will give me my driver licenses back  for california.

so i go to the guys house, he shows me the system, it wasn't that old. (thinking to my self there's some going on.)

then he ask how much to take that one out and put a new one on.

i say about 2400.00 bucks for putting on a new 410a puron system

then he says can you right that down, i say no, i ask him if i can just send you an email.

he says i like yr price it sounds good and if you right it down ill cut you a check, (I'm thinking kids need close and food)

so i tell him OK went out to my truck to go get my folder with my paper in it (thinking something's up i should leave)

but i don't ,i go back and sit down start righting how much i could get the system and the labor for him

he then says to me i like yr price it sounds far, that's me. (Honest Abe's Hvac)

HE then says fellow me so i can right you a check so we walk to the other room and BAAM!! got stung there's two San Diego PD hand cuffing me.

now OK I'm selling units at a little mark up plus doing all the labor, doing it dam good to.

but because i don't have a CL21 license its is against the law so they have STIGS for that kinda shit!!

but wait a illegal mexican stands right out in front of home depot, for work and gets it to

they can make more then 500 dollars a day parts plus mat.

now this is ONE BIG BAG OF SHIT!!!! it is a fucking felony to be HERE illegally RIGHT

and i know they don't a have contractors license

this government is one big bag of shit!!

Frank Jones

Abe's A/C

I had the same problem...i was working as a hooker lastnight and had this chick prop. me, so i go to her motel room and BAM! I got hand cuffed!