Needed Affiliate info update for FX, Sec-8?


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I don’t get it. I know I am just a Lizard but am I at FX? Sec8? Has there been a mutiny. I know I am on the 3g but man am I going to get a text here right after I say the wrong thing?

Its one thing to turn the ship in the night and port it. Then throw down the uniform and walk away... but; *whispers... this is mutiny, and could be considered very dishonorable to take the ship were we want to go with out the captain.

*checks phone for text... :( /emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20"> hmmm saves phone to throw in ocean later, climes up wall with spray can.... sticky pads on feet help... Sprays all info to everyone... yells start the mutiny and sounds the attack alarm; wakes the captain up and *whispers there taking your ship... with the ship in up-roar drops life boat and slips away into the night to ride the storm out alone...

Which is it? Were is it? Confused... If your section 8 then be it. release the FX Stiffy... There is a community of clans like mine that fallow other clans in an affiliation, and this is making it difficult for us. I see you have the domain name pointed here. Is this the original webserver? I like the Sec-8, catchy. having all the FX database still intact “really confused”. Are you going to change up the site here to show Sec-8? You might create a new facebook that is sec-8 too. Is sec-8 going to have a bf3 server? or do you have one already? *checks phone for text... hmmm

FX aside, Sec-8 aside consider those in your community like myself that are the ones feeling really lost here.

In Review of the Affiliate Links I have on hand for FX... I will keep an eye on these for a week or so in the Google analytic.


Is now Sec-8?

Official Forum for

Official Server for

Who ownes the Official Vent Server? Is that going to be Sec-8 too?


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You are alright I don't care to answer questions.

Website Software & Database belongs to me.

Domain goes to a diff page now and is owned by mystical.

The Facebook page is ran by me I am working on changing the link for that.

Ventrilo also belongs to me and will no longer be ran by FX come Dec 1.

I have been working alot including today (thanksgiving) so haven't had time to update the logos

Yes we do have a server and so does FX.