Nacho's Infidel Killing Festival pt.3


the time has come! the time where we spectres get to roam the convoy again in search of easy preys (fatone)!!

people of this mighty clan called *SOC*, this friday (11th) AND SATURDAY (12th) join me and other Ghost Town addicts at 8pm(east) on the epic showdown to see who rules the convoy!!!

also, we will host our first ever "who gets more kills on S1lent" and "tea bag the hell out of Black"!!

well, i hope all of you can make it because it has been a long time since the last time we've all played together... (emotional tears)

zee nacho

Nacho's killing fests are a great time! We play on a GT map and live for convoy battles : ) dust off your disks and come kill!!!

*SOC*NYBOY      map          vent