Miss Behavior Corrected


New Member
Hi gaming war zone Members,

I recently received an email from your organization stating something about a threatening behavior against a member of your community, I just wanted to take the time to report that whatever behavior under my Battlefield 3 nickname was un aware of my ownership, I've been crazy busy between work and university finals and haven't had the time to log in and play other than sometimes in the late night hours, but I was fool enough to allow access to my home gaming PC to my noobish cousin, hes only a 16 toddler and has some experience in bad company 2 on his PS3, but it seems once again console players lack of the gaming ethics and respect we keep on PC. I hope his actions dint caused any damage other than a big miss understanding. The use he made to my account does not reflect neither my gaming style nor represent the ethics I use along with my clans.

I will make sure he never gets access to my account again since all he likes is to play with all the unlocks i have.

Again direct apologizes from my behalf and sorry guys I didnt take action before on this matter, but I seldom use my yahoo account, im always on my mixmail or the outlook from work =Z