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Mac OS Users Will Be Able To Enter War Thunder’s Beta Program this September

Gaijin Entertainment announces that War Thunder’s Beta program for Mac OS is scheduled to start after September, 10th. To enlist in the beta, players will have to sign up for it at official website

«We are developing our War Thunder brand across multiple platforms, from mobile to PlayStation®4 to PC and virtual reality, and now we can add Mac OS to the expanding list. We look at our community as an integral part of our development team. Our updates combine a mix of improvements and additions to the game designed to improve user experience. We have heard the call from Mac OS users and we are answering it by launching War Thunder’s beta program this September,» says Anton Yudintsev, CEO, Gaijin Entertainment.

Players who join in War Thunder’s intense, realistic combat during the Mac OS beta will also influence the remaining development and help to make the game even better. War Thunder is currently in open beta on PC, giving gamers a unique chance to take part in the project and more than 3,000,000 players have already taken this opportunity.

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