Lost use of Keyboard and mouse on BF2

Okay for some odd reason i lost the use of my Keyboard and mouse when i try and play BF2. It starts up fine and when i load up say HBD Road Rage it gets done loading and as soon as i click join my mouse moves to the center of the screen and it won't move and i lose control of my keyboard and all i can do is hit my shortcut to close out the game i can't Esc to the main menu or anything. Anyone else run into this problem before? Only thing i can think of that might of caused a problem is tonight i was letting Battlefield heros install and i had to cancel it mid way. And when the problem first showed up I had to add FX to my name and turn my video settings back up on the game and then i restarted the game for the settings and join the server and thats what happen..
Never mind i found the cause not only did it forget my video settings all my other settings (IE mouse and keyboard) was all gone nothing in the settings at all.