I want to join...


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Mystical said he would give you some information when he got home.You have been on vent alot so I don't have an issue with you being here. Hope you get in good luck.

I have seen you on vent however you were usually AFK.  However, Mystical likes you and I trust his judgment.   I think you would be an asset to Team FX.

i think mike slipped me a ruffy at battlefield palooza....it might have been puddy cuz when i work up the blow up doll was popped and my butt was sore!.....do you still want to join airwolf?????
Lmao.. I want to join the clan but the Butt sex i will let y'all handle that ;) /emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">
Oh btw when i was on vent sometimes i might of been AFK but other times i was really there just quite.. I am the shy type at first.


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Mystical is at work he will reply to this when he gets home. He did say that maybe you should get on vent for a week then tag up. We won't do you  wrong like some people. So don't think we don't want you we just want everyone to get to know you.
COUPLE OF THINGS. 1 would like to see u on vent for a little. 2. u say u are shy well that dont go far here. 3 u dont like but sex soooooo. 4 i have a BIG hammer or snake , u can call it what u will. but in seriously hook up and vent and dont be shy, u cant take things so seriously here...
well if he sticks around a while im sure rich would love to get a piece of him im sure hes getting sick of those damn goats. And hell i have never seen u on vent lol but i trust mikes decision.
Right now my living location is in limbo when i have my whole computer hooked up i will join y'all on vent once again. Till then see you on the battlefield.