i got banned off of a server yesterday


Dude was 65 and 5.   He would snipe you with a pistol from across the map. Head shot dead.  We would shoot him full auto in the head he would take no damage.  At one point i was in a window of a building he was on the deck outside the window. I had perfect shot from 4-5 feet away, full auto AUG , red dot site, at his peanut head. no damage.  At one point he was running AWAY from me, i was lining him up in my sniper scope and boom.  A round comes out of his back and i die.  He blamed ping.

My whole team started calling him out.  All of a sudden he sucks.  I kill him a few times and i say, i guess you shut off the hacks.

Some dude named H1ss says Napsack, quit being  a nigger and stfu, you talk too much.    I say, Quit trying to act like a want a be thug and act like the loser nerd you are sitting behind a computer. If you want to be a thug go beat some hos and kick back with your 40 oz. Dont sit here playing computer games and claim to be a thug.

Turns out he was an admin and i was booted for admin abuse.

Flaming homos!

puddy and I got banned off our first servers too!  They said something "about us abusing players...we were just kicking ass....we got kicked first and banned when we rejoined and called they a bunch of whinny ass pussies.