Hey guys

hey guys. well alot of shit has happened. sorry Thos but the headphones you sent me well they are gone :( /emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">. Saturday we had a nice b-day party for our daughter and everything seemed good. well sunday the wife decided she was going out with coworkers to the bar while i was at work and didnt even invite me to come after i got off. well she ended up spending the night with some guy i didnt know because she supposedly got to drunk to drive home. well i told her it was over. so wednesday when i got off work i went to pick some stuff up to move out and into a friends house. well needless to say my computer was gone and so ws the nintendo wii. she gave the stuff to a co worker. to make a long story short i ran next door after being attacked by her to call the cops and guess who they sent to jail, ME!! another failure of the justice system. she had a bruise on her foot i guess from me stepping on her foot and i had a bruise on my leg from her pushing me into the end table. so i had to bail myself out. im staying with a friend of mine. so i borrowed the neigherbors truck and moved a bunch of stuff out while she was at work.

So i guess i will be rebuilding a computer slowly but surely. i have to wait till next payday to even get anything cause i had to spend 500 just to bail myself out lol. so i will be around the forums but it will be a minute before i get back online. i will miss yeah guys :( /emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">


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sorry to hear man. Hope everything gets better for ya. Typical woman though my first wife tried to pull that same stunt.
I would file charges against her for the computer and wii. The computer might contain personal information that could do damage. I would also confront her coworkers and ask for the computer back. She has no legal right to give anything away. She basically committed a crime.
well there is no crime commited. i called the cops but because we are married it is considered community property so they wont do anything about it. i just have to get a lawyer which i have all ready spoken to one and that will have to go into the divorce. And all this other stuff about how she is keeping me from seeing my daughter and stuff i am documenting.  and of course my neighbor will tell me whenever guys stay the night since we arent even divorced yet its still considered cheating. and its happened twice all ready.