Hello it's *SOC* NYBOY I invite you to come to Nachos killin

In commemoration to our new clan, the Nacho’s Nasty Reunion has officially changed its name to Infidel Killing Festival, the IKF!! So I call upon all of you, infidel slayers out there to come on over this Saturday, the 20th, 10pm(east) to our Late Night Crew frenzy server to enjoy some Karlean infidel hunting. And of course, everyone is invited to join us!

Karlean; “Karr-lee-an”, originally from the word “Karl”, Karlean is a rare species which lurks around the convoy searching for scattered bacon pieces. Many of these Karleans are former infidels who were slaughtered around the convoy area by those who fight for the cause, the anti-infidel cause.

So come along to the convoy with treats, we require; beer(no bud light please), beef jerky, nacho dipping sauce, fried squid, roasted karl, black38 berries, Mcisme donalds and bacon to lure infidels out of the convoy shadows.

May the festivities begin!

NYBOY, welcome to the RAINBOW COALITION. Goat fucking and gay midget sex is on the top of the menu here. Saw the fallout at HBD, you guys are always welcome here. We have strong ties with HBD, but I personally know what you went through, and have been there myself. I hope we can all hang together.

As for BF2, we all mostly play BC2 now. Navy is one of the few who is afraid to move into the present, but we will convert him. We have a BC2 server called (WHAT ELSE) TEABAG CENTRAL. Drop the coin and join us for some fun. This really is BF2 taken to the next level.


PS. Feel free to join us on vent, but be warned, it ain't for the young at heart.
Thanks bro it means a lot! 3 years in |HBD| was the biggest waste of my time. I am so ashamed I stayed after they banned all you guys!I should have followed my instincts but that cultist control over there had me snowed. I hope our clans can be tight and you all are more than welcome on our servers and site.



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Feel free to post your server IP's and I will add them to our topic and xfire group just like we did HBD's and your website link I will add to the friends list at the top
Hey you guys are awesome! it's nice to know we have friends like you out there!   Port: 16567   Port: 16567