Hello Gaming Warzone

OK Here I go.

I am RippinRebelz former founder and Leader of Faithfully Exiled Gaming

I was asked to come here by Maester... I have sent a mass email to former and current members letting them know of the current situation. I know alot will come here and most will have to register. I thank Maester for the invite and I will be getting with him shortly.

The games I currently play are BFBC2 and a little COD4...

I hope to get to know you guys a little more....

I also hope I get to work with Maester on any future Vbulletin projects and additions he may want to add to the site.

Thanks again and I will comment more later.........



Staff member
Welcome to the forum bro. Glad you and your guys could make it over. I will get with you you and we can discuss everything. Teamspeak is open and welcome for you and your members.
spooketh said:
rebel did you play any df bhd, dfx, or anything like that back in the day, ur name seems familiar
No. The first pc game i ever played was call of duty. I then moved into call of duty 4 and then onto Bfbc2... I have also played hmo games like dungeon runners.


Clan Members
ah maybe its just close to something someone else had, or maybe i ran across you in cod4. i used to run with a clan called ghost infantry.
The first COD4 clan I ran with was BaF "Badassforces.com" Later we split and created FatalForces... After being apart of FatalForces a group of us split after corruption and internal problems. After the split we created Fx "Faithfullyexiled.com"