Hacking in BC2

that guy was good for sure.....but we play hardcore, no minimap and no + on the weapons....and crackheads still know where you are sometimes....fuckers!
Great video. Wish I would have seen it when I first started playing. Kinda funny at the end how he got kicked. We need to make sure we don't do the same on teabag just cause a person is doing better than some or all of us.
hay mofo cuz of mine. yr not here for almost a year then yr going to talk shit about our game just shut up and get it to play.

stop playing that guy ass wow shit with randy lol
that cousin of mine, skatter loves those gays ass sword and stone games, like W.O.W soooooooo gay they are

yea we used to play D and D back in the day before computers came out.

now he should be playing BF2-BBC2 war games not spires and arrows.

i got one thing to say, bring your bows and stuff.

have a fight with me, and ill bring my best and baddest firearm and will see who drops first.

it will be like bringing a knife to a gun fight!!!!


            all the way to the Bank!!!

Tar....I think Navy has a little trets going on also.  A mixture of Ebonics, trets, and dead brain cells. You are gonna have to fly in for the next Battlefield Palooza.  I'll make sure to bring more guns next time. I don't want you pulling out your nine and running a 187 on us. Lol