Greetings, again :)


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Just wanted to say hello to you all..If you do not know me, I go by the nick Kap'n Karl and belong to the gaming clan/community "Spectres of Convoy"...I have known Stiffy for quite awhile and I really like what he has done with the place and the direction you guys are going in (making things more of a gaming community rather than a clan)...Anyway, I encourage you all to stop in and say hello to our crew...We have many great players and I think we would benefit each other by getting to know each other... (if you would like to register an account shoot me an email @ as our registration form is currently down)

Or, you can stop by our server for some chillin and killin


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Thanks for stopping by Karl. Hope we can get our guys in the mix with each other. I encourage our guys to play with anyone they wish. No Nonsense Gamers are one of the biggest groups we game with and I'm going to discuss with them (or have outlaw) the samthing i did with you. SoC would be a great addition as it will help keep all our servers going and everyone will have fun playing some diff maps/styles. And like I told you SeC-8 will still be here just hoping I get a community together and work together.