Future Of SeC-8


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We would like to thank everyone for making SeC-8 the community it is today. With that said we have an important and exciting announcement. Coming soon we will be doing a complete overhaul of website and clan. We will be focusing more on the gaming community then as a clan. Alot of us have been playing for years all the way back to Quake, Soldier of Fortune and Counter Strike. We now currently play multiple games such as Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, Need For Speed, Star Trek Online, and Mass Effect. We would like to include everyone in on these and have discussions. We will also be having contests for some exciting prizes such as a graphic card,mother board, Processor and some smaller items. We also have some sponsers in the works for tournament and ladder play. So we look forward to hearing from you guys and hearing your ideas so we can make this community focused around you. There will also be some more exciting changes to the website dealing with flash. We wish everyone the best of luck and we hope to see you join the discussion soon.

Thank You

SeC-8 Staff


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I need help and suggestions with the following.

Rules for tournament/ladder

*Server Must stream to PBBans

*No exploiting

*Have fun and Frag on.

A graphic designer to help with matching logos

Staff for Ladder

What games will ladder have?

Clans willing to participate/help out.

Ideas for sponsers.


A new name

(Gaming Warzone) is leading right now

Staff for PC and Console games.

This will be a community effort so anyone wishing to help please feel free to reply here or via pm.


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Thus why it's open to other clans. This isn't about just SeC-8 anymore. Word will spread once I get the new name and theme up. 4 active SeC-8 is better then 1. Weed out inactive and go from there.