found some bc2 tweaks figured i would share them


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If youre running an ATI card and you find BC2 crashes on startup (no error)

- Go to battlefield bad company 2 beta\BFBC2Game.exe and right click -> properties -> compatibility and "Run this program as an administrator"

To get an ATI frames boost:

- Set Catalyst A.I to max

For a reported 10-20 fps boost:

- Documents>BFBC2Beta and open up "settings.ini"

- Change "renderaheadlimit" to 0 instead of 2

For a reported giant general performance boost:

- Documents>BFBC2Beta and open up "settings.ini"

- Change "Bloom=true" to false

For another potentially big performance update (especially with Quad Core users):

- Documents>BFBC2Beta and open up "settings"

- Change "HSAO=true" to false (also settable in the in-game "advanced" graphics settings)

Other settings.ini changes that you can try:

- Undergrowth=”medium” – Put this to low, if experiencing frame-rate issues. This map has a lot of it.

- Water=”medium” - Not really any water to traverse in this map, go ahead and set this to low.

- MSAA=”2″ - This is Anti-aliasing, this will always use up a lot of a gpx cards resources. Set this to “0″

- Shadows=”medium”- you can also set this to low to improve performance

- Textures=”medium”- Setting this to low can improve FPS at the cost of visual eye candy.

- Aniso=2 - Set this to 0 to disable Anisotropic filtering.

To fix sticky controls (for those who get key shadow/lag with wasd etc):

- Delete the joystick conrols under foot (options->controls->foot), then it works fine

To run DX9 for improved performance (this also stops random crashes for some people):

- Documents>BFBC2Beta and open up "settings"

- Add "DxVersion=dx9" to the list (without quotation)

You closed the PunkBuster agreement window and can't get it back:

- Head to Steam\steamapps\common\battlefield bad company 2 beta\install\PunkBuster and re-install Punkbuster

To run the game in a window:

- Simply hit alt+enter and change your resolution to something smaller than your desktop.

For sticky/laggy mouse issues:

- Disable mouse acceleration in the game's mouse settings, and turn off Vsync in the graphics settings.

What ports should I open for multiplayer if I'm having connectivity trouble?

- Port: 80 TCP

- Port: 18121 TCP

- Port: 18126 TCP

- Port: 18126 UDP

- Port: 13505 TCP

What ports should I open for multiplayer if I'm having EA connection issues?

- 18390 TCP Outgoing

- 18395 TCP Outgoing

- 18395 UDP Outgoing

- 13505 TCP Outgoing

- 80 TCP Outgoing

You can't look up-down and/or left-right - "my mouse isn't working"

- You've accidentally bound something to the axes that BF2 uses for looking around.

- Reset your controls to fix this.

- In future, when binding things to your mouse, pay close attention; if you move the mouse at all while binding, it will register & bind that horizontal or vertical movement axes, replacing your look ones.