Extra Life 24 hour video gaming marathon


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Hey everyone!!! This Saturday, October 15, 2011, I am going to participate in the Extra Life 24 hour game marathon.

I'm going to play video games from 8am sat morning until 8am sunday morning (only stopping for food and potty breaks!)

This is to raise money for Miracle Network Childrens Hospitals. This event happens once a year.

I like to do a fund raiser for kids every year (since I teach and don't have any of my own) Last year I did the Polar Plunge (I jumped into a hole in the ice, here in Green Bay, WI in February, in a pair of shorts and a tshirt!!! For Special Olympics. I'll post the pic tomorrow

I have a deal to offer Team FX folks.

Goto this link


and donate to my, even if it's just a dollar.

For every dollar a team fx person donates, I will donate a dollar to the Team fx account (Pledge to do so, I'm not that rich but I'll make a payment to sdtf every week until paid off!)

A lot of you have kids (or will) and you never know when it could be one of them needing help at a Childrens Hospital. So help me help them and I'll help our team bank account!!

I'll be playing xbox live and on our BC2 servers during that time. On xbox my tag is


Thanks guys!! See you online on Saturday!!