Donations (Teamspeak and Website) Currently


Staff member
Just a friendly reminder that our Teamspeak and Website are monthly costs. We have not had any donations in the past few months so I have been paying for both out of pocket (I dont mind but this is a team effort)

Currently the costs are

$11.95 for website per month

$5.74 for teamspeak per month

Thats a total of $17.69 per month.

I have also ran across some great deals for other gameservers also such as BF4, BFH, Minecraft, Rust up to 7 servers for only $39.99

We used to be a dominate clan and very active in games. Now most people are playing Rust or other games. Which is great but we need to set time to work together and play together (me included)

I know my absence has set things back. But...... I am back ready to play and ready to kill. :glee:

SO with that said who is with me and who wants to get this clan back up to what it was and still can be.

All donations help and we will use them for what needs to be paid but we have options out there of other things we can do.

I see new recruits coming in from Rust maybe we can get some recruits who play other games and expand in the future.