COD5 Tweaks


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/r_dof_enable 0

/snaps 30

/com_maxfps 125

/cl_maxpackets 100

/cg_fov 85 (you need to do this each time you restart your game for it to work)

/r_detail 0

/r_lodscaleskinned 4

/r_picmip 3

/cg_brass 0

/cg_blood 0

/ai_corpsecount 0

/r_lodScaleRigid 1 <- Change it from 4 to 1 because Benway over at PBBans said it will soon be a cvar check and will get you kicked.

/waypointiconheight 10-15

/waypointiconwidth 10-15

/ragdoll_enable 0

The following commands I would only recommend if you are having some serious lag video lag issues.

/r_detail 0

/r_lodscaleskinned 4

/r_picmip 3

You might want to consider adding these to your multiplayer config.

seta bind + "waypointheight 15"

seta bind - "waypointiconwidth 15"

seta bind 0 "cg_fov 80"

And should you ever need it...

/r_fullscreen 1

Don't forget to issue a vid_restart after you did that.

/cl_packetdup 1 (increase if u have a bad connection)

/r_dlightLimit 2 //dynamic lights to spot shooting enemies better

/r_blur 0

/r_blur_allowed 0

/r_Glow_allow 0

seta com_maxFPS 333 <-------pushes through the FPS cap

seta com_maxFPSFrametime 50 <------------ time it takes for a frame to change for client

seta cl_maxpackets 2500 <------- this allows maximum net packets to go back and forth between client and server as quickly as possible

seta snaps 40 <-------- optimum frame swap time