Clanbase League Parthership


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As some of you may have noticed with the recent shut down of Game-Violations that ClanBase was looking for a new Anti-Cheat partner to partner up with. Some might say that it would be hard to replace such a partner, due to the fact we've been with them for a long time.
I'm confident and happy to say that we have found one - that is definitely worthy indeed: PBBans

Every game on ClanBase that had their servers streamed to GV will have to stream it to PBBans now.

There will be a grace period in where clans can sort out the streaming. The rule will be mandatory on the 11th of March which means clans have enough time to stream their servers. In the same period the rules will be changed accordingly as well. There will be a tutorial posted soon in the ladder news items to set up your server quickly! I suggest starting to sort out the streaming as soon as possible.
ClanBase - ClanBase partnering up with PBBans - Friday 1 March