Changelist Posted Since PS3 Beta for Bad Company 2


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Fixed an exploit where players could deploy unlimited Ammo Boxes, Medkits, C4 and Mines.

Fixed a bug where players could detonate Detpacks placed the previous life upon respawning.

Detpacks can still be detonated if player's kit is picked up with in 15 seconds of his death.

Lowered the damage Detpacks do to crates.

Fixed AntiTank Mines not detonating when driven over at medium speeds.

AntiTank Mines should now properly persist after the player has died.

The Ammo Box, Medkit, Defibrillator, Repair Tool, and Motion Sensor are now unlocks for each class.

Players new to Battlefield will be introduced to these teamplay items when they are unlocked.

Battlefield Veterans will automatically have these teamplay items unlocked from the start.

Lowered the duration of spotted targets. Aiming at a close target will refresh the spot timer automatically.

Lowered the effectiveness of the Sniper's Spotting Scope, targets must be tracked longer before spotting.

Fixed so the player can properly spot from the UAV.

Added an overheat to spotting to prevent spot and order spamming.

Spotting now requires the player be aiming significantly closer to the target.

Added Destruction 2.0 to the Guard Towers around the first Defender Base on Arica Harbor (and all other maps).

Fixed buildings collapsing without any warning sound or effects.

Moved M-COM station A into a Garage at the second Defender Base on Arica Harbor.

Fixed collision issues on the Patio in the upper level of the Town.

Fixed sometimes spawning underneath the Patio in the Town.

Fixed the collision problems with the Train Car containing M-COM stations on Arica Harbor's 3rd and 4th base.

Train Cars now have more specific destruction zones to encourage mouse hole tactics.

The Attacker's first base is now a protected spawn zone that defenders cannot enter.

Added additional alternate spawn points to all bases for both Attackers and Defenders to counter spawn camping.

Added a system that disables individual spawn points if enemies are within 20m. Does not apply to Squad Spawn.

Players can still spawn at a base if all spawns points at that base are blocked.

Spawn protection will be disabled if the player aims or fires during the short timer.

Wrecked civilian cars now have secondary explosions when hit with explosive weapons.

The Attackers now recieve 75 reinforcement Tickets to start instead of 100.

Taking a base restores the attackers to 75 Tickets instead of adding 50.

Improved soldier collision vs objects, especially for crouching under obstacles.

Fixed issues with certain objects popping into view as the player approached.

Reduced the amount of screen blur when in ultralow health.

Increased the visual and audio feedback for low health, healing, and returning to full health.

Out of Combat healing now starts sooner but takes longer to fully heal.

Slightly increased the healing power of medkits to increase their usefulness.

Improved the sensitivity of soldier controls. Adjusting sensitivity should have a much greater effect now.

Sensitivity when aimed is now consistent across all weapons.

Turning while sprinting is now more responsive.

Reduced forward input needed to sprint to 50% from 90% to smooth the transition to sprint.

Tweaked aiming and turning curves to be more responsive from the hip and more precise when aiming.

Fixed several issues with switching weapons and being unable to shoot or aim.

Fixed the player's control setup reverting to default when entering and exiting vehicles.

Fixed bugs when going to swim while sprinting.

Sped up the deploy and undeploy animations for the parachute.

Improved the precision for switching weapons on the Dpad.

Fixed several stats padding exploits.

Fixed various awards that did not work as designed.

Tweaked rank and class unlock progression based on data gathered in the beta.