[BF3] Battlefield 3 "lighting" leak


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Oscar Carlén, one of DICE's many employees accidentally let slip regarding Battlefield 3 and possibly giving us an idea as to how far the project has come along.

According to Carlén’s LinkedIn account, he is currently active on Battlefield 3 development

Oscar Carlén’s Summary:

Just finished lighting Mirror´s Edge.

Portfolio 2000-2009:

- Battlefield 1942

- Battlefield 1942 : Road to Rome

- Battlefield Vietnam

- Battlefield 2

- Battlefield Bad Company

- Mirrors Edge

Now lighting:

- Battlefield 3

- Mirror´s Edge 2

His resumé was also updated later after the slip up with:


Professional work:

2009 - present : Lighting at EA DICE (Move along, nothing to see here...)

Thanks to ThatEvilGuy for getting the news to us!