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BF2cc has released a new tool for Battlefield Bad Company 2 called BC2cc


It is still in beta but here are the features

BC2CC Admin tool features:

Multiple server support: working

Playerlist: working but not split by team (information isn’t returned in R1)

Serveroptions: only used to set a game password right now

Map list: working, next map is still wonky in R1, occasionally works, other times it doesn’t it also loads a random map in the maplist instead of the nextmap. (+ the list currently doesn’t update when switching gamemodes, that’s our tool, patch for that tomorrow)

Reserved slots: fully working

Banlist: Working, but gets cleared after a restart, haven’t tested with R3 yet. Removing individual bans doesn’t work in R1. Should work in R3. To remove a ban now you’ll need to clear the entire banlist.

Ingame commands: Fully working, you can whitelist players to use specific ingame commands. (@kick, @ban, @unban (doesn’t work at the moment), @restart map, @nextmap (wonky doesn’t always work))