Battlefield Heroes Updated


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Hello Heroes,

The scheduled maintenance on Tuesday 12th January at 11:00 CET that has been posted HERE has been moved to Wednesday 13th January at 10:30 CET

This Update includes:-


Windowed Mode

You are now able to run the game in Windowed Mode by selecting it in the options section of the game client. You can also toggle between FullScreen and Windowed Mode in-game by pressing Alt+Enter.


Supreme Bandages

Newly created Heroes will now start with some free Supreme Bandages instead of Crude Bandages


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Hello Heroes

On Wednesday the 20th January at 10:30 (CET) we will be performing a game update to remove the kick limit as stated here

We will be working with the server providers closely in order to have minimal user impact or if possible, no user impact at all, however do keep in mind that due to servers being updated, connection issues may ensue


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Updated 2010/03/16 - Patch Notes

A new primary weapon for each class based on Bad Company 2’s weapons:

•Royals get M16 (SMG), M249 (MG) and M95 (Sniper Rifle).

•Nationals get AK74 (SMG), PKM (MG) and SVD (Sniper Rifle).

A new outfit for each side inspired by / based on Bad Company 2:

•Royals is ‘Haggard’s Heroic’

•Nationals is ‘Kirilenko’s Krafty’

Adding ‘Sarge’s Stamina Boost’ widget that gives the player a boost of 10 to their max health whilst they have it equipped (Time limited).

If you turn on the “Show song information from Windows Media Player as my personal message” option in Windows Live Messenger, Heroes will update your status text to tell your friends you are playing Heroes.

A small tweak to internal Punkbuster code. Should stop some people getting PB kicked when they shouldn’t be.


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Various Bug fixes and tweaks

•Grenades should no longer stick in your hand and stop you from switching weapons.

•Fixed a rare problem with Punkbuster that occurred after website downtimes.

•Friends who join the server after you joined will now correctly show as green in the scoreboard.

•Health Tonic should refresh correctly now.

•Friending players via the scoreboard should always give the proper message in game.

•Multiple small geometry and art fixes on Sunset Showdown.

•Sniper Rifles now correctly leave a tracer if the target is within 80 meters.

•Starting in window mode and then switching to full screen no longer causes the HUD 3d flags to stretch.

•Stopped an exploit with road killing friendlies.

•Mark Target now works from a tank turret.

•Fixed vanity cam in planes. Now it correctly looks behind the planes even when you climb or dive.

•Fixed an exploit with using abilities.

•Throwing a grenade into deep water no longer breaks all your grenades.

•You can no longer knife people through walls in Vanity Cam.

•When running the game in windowed mode behind other windows the game should no longer pop into the foreground when you start a new round.

•Some appearance items have had their lighting / brightness tweaked.

•You can no longer fire backwards in vanity cam.

•Fixed some telemetry failing to submit.

•Servers should now show the correct online/offline status at all times.

•The Ninja outfit now covers the players neck correctly.

•Keg slow effect now shows on stealthed commandos.

•Fixed animation when steering in a jeep.

•Fixed a crash while loading into a server.

•Users that get disconnected from a server should no longer see a black screen / screen full of clouds.


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•Added a new map, Midnight Mayhem.

•Added a new gamemode, V2 Vengeance.

•Added a new widget, Rocket fuel.

NOTE: Widget only functions in conjunction with an equipped rocketpack

•Fixed a UI bug with bookmarking servers in-game.


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Hello Heroes,

In the game update released on Monday 26th April 2010 we have added new and awesome "Heroic Moments". These achievements are earned by performing certain requirements in game.

Airborne Assault

Killing someone while you are in mid air.


Killing someone who is on foot with a rocket launcher from far away.

Big Bang

Killing two infantry enemies or more at once using an explosive weapon or ability.

Blind Fire

Killing a stealth target.

Close Shave

Killing someone while you have 1 point of health left.


Exiting a vehicle and entering another without touching the ground or another object in between.

Duck Hunt

Killing a manned airplane in mid-air with a tank.

First Strike

First kill in a round.

Flip Trick

Sit in a jeep or tank that makes a roll (goes back on wheels after being up-side-down).

Full House

Killing a fully manned vehicle.


Killing someone by hitting them in the head with a sniper rifle.

Joint Operation

Killing someone while being a passenger in a jeep.

Last Kill

Last kill in a round.

Post Mortem

Killing someone while you are dead.

Road Kill

Killing someone by driving over them with a jeep.

Smash Down

Killing a manned ground vehicle while it is in mid air.


Killing an infantry enemy with a grenade before it touches the ground or any other object.

Tank Smash

Killing someone by driving over them with a tank.

Tower Defense

Killing someone while being a passenger in a tank.

Volley Shot

Killing an infantry enemy while he is in mid air.


Killing someone by hitting them with the wing of a plane.


Killing someone while being a passenger on a plane.

Web Update

Added "Heroic Moments" to hero profiles.