Battlefield 4 sucks on Xbox One.


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I bought Xbox One day one with a copy of Battlefield 4 and the game was always a broken piece of garbage.

Controls: There is a dead zone on EVERY game on Xbox One, with the exception of Titanfall. It is not as noticeable on BF4 however its still there.

Lag and glitches: I hopped on the other day and its so glitchy and laggy, the sound kept cutting out, I was rubber banding all over the place, it just sucks

Graphics: I am a former PC game, I still play my PC for exclusives. I own BFBC2 and BF3 on PC and I can run BC2 on max settings and high settings for BF3. And holy shit, BF4 on Xbox One looks like straight dog shit. The resolution is 720p and it looks terrible, Hardline I heard is 1080p on Xbox One so that would be a massive improvement. The textures were on ultra low setting, they look HORRIBLE. Its so sad that a PC from 2008 can run a 2010 game better, and make it look 10x better than what BF4 looks on a 'next generation' system from 2013. One problem that is on all platforms is the blue tint. Dice are idiots, the filter makes the game look horrid and Hardline looks plain ugly.



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I honestly believe BF4 was a poorly coded/designed game straight off the get go levolution crashed servers and would instantly make you lose stats. Don't get me wrong it looks nice but it's just not a great game.