Battlefield 3 box art leaked – BF3 is now confirmed. BF3N


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Millions of fans that have played Battlefield 2 over the past few years have been eagerly awaiting for any news concerning the sequel to BF2. Since the infamous Battlefield 3 DigitalBattle leak in October 2007 we really have not seen any more news on the (hopefully) upcoming title. Just a few months ago CEO of DICE semi/confirmed the game being in development by saying that “Battlefield 3 will blow everyone away”. Well its been days/months/years and still nothing. But wait, there is a shiny new beacon on the horizon (well two)…

The first one is the E3 show premiering on June 15 2010 that might bring an end to the BF3 news drought.

The second sign of hope is a recently discovered “whoops”. One of our regulars have sent us a screen shot of what seems to be the box art cover for Battlefield 3. This was supposedly taken while deep scanning Battlefield home directories hosted on

One of DICE employees who goes by the name Oscar Carlen posted his resume on the web that included some interesting information.  To our happy surprise it states that he has been working on the much anticipated game Battlefield 3. The leaked story must of truly been accidental as after the press got a hold of the news Oscar Carlen quickly removed the Battlefield 3 information from his resume. Could this be a mistake? We don’t think so. Why in the world would a game developer put a non existing game on his resume? And the fact that the information was quickly removed only thickens the plot.