Bad Company 2 PC Patch R8 Preview


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Some new information has surfaced regarding the delayed Battlefield Bad Company 2 R8 PC Patch. Yesterday, some in-game screen-shots of the new “Chat System” were leaked by a Russian Blog. The new Chat System will allow users to chat while their dead, as well as view all messages that have been displayed each round. Bad Company 2’s Current Version is Build 529483, however the Russian Site has a beta release of the 540001 Build, aka R8 PC Patch, and R12 Server Update

UPDATE: SPECACT Camo’s are  being released with the new patch. They reportedly will be available for purchase at the EA Store.  We are not really sure if the Dr. Pepper or Taco Bell Codes can be redeemed for the PC Version SPECACT Upgrades. It was rumored to be a Xbox 360 Promotion only.

The new Chat Mode looks to have 3 different modes according to the Russian Blog.

The Console Button toggles between 2 chat log modes.

Default: The chat appears at the top left with no background, 4 lines long. It will act like the current chat system.

Hit the Console Key: Shows a permanent 4 line chat overlay while playing in-game.


Double Tap Console Key: Shows a large 3/4 screen with a option to scroll and see all messages sent during a particular round. It is semi-transparent so you can see through it somewhat.


Helicopter Fans have been excited about this new patch because it brings the ability to deploy flares/countermeasures to avoid a missile lock via tracer dart.  A few images of what looks like a UH-64 Deploying flares were also leaked on the Russian Site.



And Finally we leave you with a couple screen’s from the game’s main menu. It seems DICE is secretly working on a Conquest mode for Nelson Bay.  DICE developer Bazajaytee was asked about this on Twitter by the Russian Website owner, and he did not deny it’s existence.  Below you can find a few of the tweets between the Russian webmaster, and DICE Developer, Bazajaytee. We’ve also included a picture of the game’s menu that shows the Toggle Crouch and Sprint options in the main menu. (Russian)


User: new maps in new patch?

Bazajaytee: Nope although we are preparing the PC game for the VIP stuff console gets for all PC gamers plus Infantry Only mode exclusive to PC.

User: [shows a picture, which is removed now.]

Bazajaytee: Not sure what it says but it could be a VIP game mode.

User: it’s in 540500 version. It’s new map in this mode. So, new maps ready?

Bazajaytee: I won’t ask how you got access to that version to know that…