Bad Company 2 Patch v522175 Released


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*UPDATE* 522175 is going live now.

Version 522175 is going live within a couple of minutes. This has fixed the multiplayer map CTD's we experienced with 522174.

[NOTE: 522175 is merely a re-packaging of the datafiles from 522174. Therefore, version 522175 reports itself as 522175 in the auto-patcher, but does still say "522174" in the game's splash screen.]

Changelog for 522175:Single Player -

Fixed: Graphical issues on some systems on SP_03 (at start and when displaying background mountains at “Up river”)

Fixed: Character voice issue during cut scenes in SP_03b (only affected Spanish)

Fixed: Hang when killed using TOW Launchers in SP_05

Fixed: Graphical issue on some systems on SP_05 (displaying background mountains)

Fixed: Voice volume in cut scenes on SP_06

Fixed: Unexpected dialog at start of SP_08 (only affected Italian)

Fixed: Random crash in SP_09 cut scenes

Multi Player -

Fixed: Server Browser - Joining a password protected server results in a connection timeout

Fixed: Server Browser auto updating server list when reopened causing a timeout issue

Fixed: Password issue during Friend invites

Fixed: Password text field issue on joining a password protected server

Fixed: “Flickering” ship on Arica Harbor

Fixed: Clan tags that use numbers in them displaying a “0” on the Select Spawn Point screen

Fixed: Display issue on long server names

Fixed: Mortar Strike icon not updating (Beta issue)

Fixed: No “Exit Game” menu option appearing at the end of some rounds.

Fixed: Flickering user rank icon (appeared as an animated gif) when user reaches rank 10.

Fixed: Flickering trees and “Red Box” on Laguna Presa

Fixed: User is logged out when failing to create a new soldier

Fixed: Zeus stationary weapon not appearing in stats

Fixed: Zu23 not appearing in stats

Fixed: BMD3 AA not appearing in stats

Fixed: Friend request displaying incorrect Veteran stats

Fixed: End of Round screen displayed incorrect “UAV_Station” – now displays correct localized text.

Fixed: K/D ratio displays in the Front End

Fixed: K/D ratio displays correctly when “comparing”

Change: Server browser now defaults to list via Ping first

Change: News Ticker font support for Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese

Change: New message for server full (reported as “I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing”)

Change: New message displayed for attempting to join a password protected server without providing a password (reported as “I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing”)

Change: Displays version number on Front End Legal Screen

Change: Display of weapon icon during loading screen

Looks like a good start to correct a lot of the annoying problems. Posts in the forums tell us the patch is improving a number of gameplay issues. Its a good start to getting the game in tip-top shape.

As a helpful tip, if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may want to be sure your updater is set to "run as administrator" as well as the game itself.