Bad CD-Key the game was bout HELP!!

the game was bout. put in a new computer q4 amd windows 7

installed then ran 1.4 then 1.5

signed in his old account  S.D.Pain

tried to go online and it said Bad CD-key

some one told me how to fix this but forgot

need help my bro wants to play again



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Check and make sure the cd key is correct. You can do this in the registry I will post exact instructions when I get off work.


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reading around they say if your running on windows vista or 7 while trying to play multiplayer you must click run as administrator or it supposedly gives you invalid cd key error.

Anyway they also say to register the game because then you can validate your key through the ea support website.

1.) open your c: drive and search for BF2CDKeyCheck.exe

2.) copy that to your desktop.

3.) Open computer>Program files>Ea games>battlefield2> support.

4.) copy BF2CDKeyCheck.exe into the above.

5.) Re enter your bf2 registration code.

6.) Run BF2CDKeyCheck.exe


8.) Re enter your bf2 registration code

9.) Run BF2CDKeyCheck.exe
thanks bro. yea i went and found a forum that talks about that cd-key stuff

no all i had to do was go into the reg edit and add his CD-key in there and it works now

thanks again bro


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I was gonna suggest that but they stated they encrypted the keys with the new 1.5 patch so I didnt know if it would work with 1.5 lol