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It it an vv got error message.....hopefully sometime future I will upde....but as of now and pbly for some time, I will donetnew year, we shall see. It's be ....I will still .,;lfor now. -Tar
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Yo tar we were just discussing going back and playing BC2 alot of issues with BF3 hope to see you on BC2 soon.


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Jeff, what socket set will your mother board support. I have a friend who has some CPUs from previous updates. He has 2 quad cores, one intel, one amd. The intel is older, but the AMD is a 3.0 ghz. Also, what is the minimum video card needed. He might have some that work. He builds for local video editing companies and business is off and he is looking to unload some older stuff.


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tar already waiting for you in bf2 lol You are not mising much bf3 is all f***up and i dont thinck they will change it soon scorpion5