"a reliable command was cycled out" explained


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There is no known fix as this happens with COD2,COD4,and COD:WAW

Tally from RGN explained the following:

"CL_gameneedsservercommand;areliablecommandwascycle dout"

This is due to lag, caused as it is by downloading maps with COD4.

After redirection for downloads, the server will try to send each client a packet of data called "gamestate" (literally "the state of the game"). Without this, the game cannot inform a newly connected client what the state of gameplay is. Hence, it is absoulutely vital that all clients get it.

The server waits for the client to return an acknowledgment of that request (called an echo), before it can commence transmitting it. If it doesnt get it (i.e. if it times out for any reason), you get this error:

"CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out"

there is absolutely nothing anyone other than IW can do about this. Its a problem with the game. And until IW fix the broken redirection, it will continue to happen.


The server didn't crash with this error, you just need to type /reconnect in console to rejoin the server.