4 Stars


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From what im reading EA has removed 4 stars so noone else can get them.

Reading from BF2stats.net

No offence but now that there is/seems to be no Point Limit. Will the Stat Padders have a Field Day/s with points, or even worse  Will Stat Padding become Legal???? Hmmm 4 Star Gen in a few Weeks rather than a few years! Sounds good to me LOL  
Is there enymore 4 star genral???, beacuse i remember someone say that there dont have enymore 4 star genral beacuse stat padding...
right 4 star isnt any more since may 09 that was in the thread 4 star general requirements which I made
So there isint 300 cap limit?? beacuse i was playing 1 min ago, and admin say dont go over 249, was he right or wrong??..
right, there is no limit.
like i said, my best round since the 1.5 patch is 449 points <- its recorded, i see it in my stats, i got the points and other players on the server too.