1. O

    Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal What is your game name? OutaTheLoneWolf What is your guid (If you know) - Which Server? BF3 Vote Maps Reason Stated for Ban? Other Anything Else? "You can only kill me with an m320"
  2. maester


    Perma banned by me via metabans for disrespect to the GamingWarzone community. Registered with the name GaymingWarzone and posted Ban was not on banlist but appears this guy has a disrespect issue so I am personally issuing the perma ban. Alias (1) User IP (17) carlpatrigani187...
  3. V

    Ban Appeal

    Honestly, i don't give a shit if you unban me. I got banned for "ramming." Apparently that's what i get for trying to learn how to dogfight! Fuck, what a dumbass rule. Fuck your server for dumbasses. BTW..I like cock!
  4. maester

    I_Just_Jysmd & Code_Error_1337

    Kicked I_Just_Jysmd for Base Rape after complaints Banned Code_Error_1337 after Threats to Outlaw who had nothing to do with kick. Threatening DDOS Attack and Players [20:53:04] CODE_ERROR_1337 > First and foremost, stop cheating, stop abusing, incoming DDoS IP's
  5. S


    i banned this guy lastnight in our server 165 hours play time with a 3.64 kd, hes back somehow. now with 3.71kd and 2 hours more played?
  6. maester


    Wasnt on our server but went 190/3 Also went 57/1 on another server Battle Report - Battlelog / Battlefield 3 2012-04-30 22:56 on =CMW= HC CQ - City / Urban Maps -TeamSpeak - Reddit - BF3 battle report Banned on our server via MetaBans
  7. maester

    Werkdferme Kicked (Glitching)

    Used knife glitch to get on top of Charlie in Epicenter. Warned to get off roof. Kicked after 2nd warning
  8. maester

    HewkdonFonix Banned (Disrespect)

    [14:48:12] sdtfmaester > whoever is on the roof better get off [14:48:26] Hewkdonfonix > i already got off once this morning [14:48:33] Werkdferme > twice for me [14:48:41] Hewkdonfonix > your mom loved it too [14:48:59] sdtfmaester > I would suggest you watch it [14:49:08] Hewkdonfonix >...