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    Whats up guys and gals!!!

    Just wanted to shout out to all my peeps. Been awhile, so dont get all soft on me. :apple:
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    Mech Bay Showcase

    New Raven RVN-3L with all the extras. Beagle probe,Tag,ECM,Narc,Advance sensors,Advance target decay,Elite UAV And the "Tried and True" , never disappointing Stumpy STK-5M
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    Wicked design!

    PL-01 Concept Direct Fire Support Vehicle technical data sheet specifications pictures video*-*Army Recognition*-*Army Recognition
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    Ground game MUTHERFUQERS!

    War Thunder - free combat MMO game | NEWS dDont let this pass us by... i WILL be on that beta.. I would like some assistance is this if interested!
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    Da fuq

    UM I will have oneeeeeeee!!!!
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    Sec 8 represented!

    IF anyone has a replay that they want edited to a score let me know.
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    A few tributes to warthunder!

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    Warthunder Heros...

    [video=youtube;0sfA-NsbzJY] No words.. the should have sent a poet.
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    Mechwarrior ONLINE!

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    The internet is

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    18 of the World's Coolest Multi-Display Computer Setups - TechEBlog
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    2.5 terabits Per second

    2.5 Terabits Per Second Downloads? Researchers Unveil Fiber Optic Transmission With a Twist! | Geeks are Sexy Technology News
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    Lock on

    "not my cup of tea" to many electronics. but still a solid game no less No one I know frequents this game, but hell its been a round for a while. This is its third upgrade. Lock on became DCS digital combat series. VERY $$$$$, many modules, insane Digital content $$$