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    Droppin Bombs

    What it do fam...
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    Holla at ya boy..

    What it do? Trying to get back to my peeps!
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    Christmas lights OWNED!

    my only competition hasn't even put up the first light this year.
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    Soldier Icon/Graphic

    We should use the same customized soldier graphic...The one that u can make in game under Custom Emblem...I think that is pretty cool..
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    BF3 Mini Movie created from Gameplay

    These guys did a damn good job.
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    BF3 Nighttime Mod

    Now I like this...
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    College Football 2013 Season

    Who u like? Florida State 2013-14 Pump Up |HD| - YouTube
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    Generallee & Outlaw

    Y'all didn't know we made a video...
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    Epic..A MUST READ!! Especially prior and current military

    I got this sent to me and had to share..especially prior military.. "Quoted" Once upon a time, our politicians tended not to apologize for our country's prior actions. Here's a refresher on how some of our former patriots handled negative comments about our country. JFK'S Secretary of State...
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    Um...getting closer and closer to that outer space stuff. Drone flies through hoops — guided by brainwaves - NBC
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    CSR Racing BITCHES!

    My current beast sub 11 second 1/4 mile and will own Kingpins GTO.
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    BF3 Freecam 6.0

    Awesome program..Hope its available for BF4..
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    Hackusations 2.2 video in the works..

    Video will have Limp Bizkit " Head for the Barricade"...
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    Excellent site for BF3 infantry tips..

    Good info.. Teaches pre-fire, cornering and defending the flag..
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    Excellent site for BF3 tips..

    Site discusses BF3 support (regarding crashes) and other problems with BF3. Tips by Rival-Xfactor who has won more BF3 titles with Rival than any clan I am aware of. Excellent source for all around improving your gameplay. Check the FAQ too.. I'm not saying we are noobs and I applied some some...
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    Banned for being "Overskilled"

    OMFG.... Banned for being overskilled on GTG..
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    Skooter & T33bone Read this..

    See if this helps with crashes... I know all too well...I used to get internet disconnects 24/7 and i feel your pain... EA Forums
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    TWL opened a 1v1 Armor Ladder..will need to scrim ALOT. I see them openeing a 2v2 Armor ladder so if interested let me know.
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    Your tag and what it means

    Thought id strike up a post..How did u come up with your game name? iMine came from listening to Tupac from back in the day. He had a song (rap) called "Outlaw Immortals" So mine came from a song..Who ever woulds thought? Anyone else?
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    Gotta love the hackusations!!

    Just whorin it up.. BAM....We don't like you no mo.. :( /emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">