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    Extra Life 24 hour video gaming marathon

    Hey everyone!!! This Saturday, October 15, 2011, I am going to participate in the Extra Life 24 hour game marathon. I'm going to play video games from 8am sat morning until 8am sunday morning (only stopping for food and potty breaks!) This is to raise money for Miracle Network Childrens...
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    Guardian Settings

    Can someone email me the guardian settings so I can have it run while playing. I have it downloaded on my pc and ipad but I need all of the server information for both our servers and a password? email emartychapman at yahoo
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    Hacking in BC2

    Elegant proof that theres a difference between playing smart and hacking.  Just not as many hackers as you ink.  Check it. YouTube
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    Look who got his Masters of Science in Education, is moving back to Ca to be a teacher and has brand new computer (and Ipad)........... SKATTERR!!