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    Warthunder , the best game your NOT playing!

    Relive the days of lore with a dive back into WARTHUNNNNNDDDDAR!!!
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    Rocking a new system and expanded play times, lets get it on SEC8

    Sporting a fresh rtx2060,i5 12400f and 32gb . Looking for participants in World of Warships world of tanks Warthunder Gloomhaven DCS ( Benji thats you) MFS 2021 day z elite dangerous project zomboid enlisted Ark Wildlands (ghost recon) Great to be back in the warm embrace of fellow gamers...
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    epic job !!!!
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    Holla at ya boy..

    What up !!!! need a new game that we can stomp ass in again!!!
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    Whats up guys and gals!!!

    Just wanted to shout out to all my peeps. Been awhile, so dont get all soft on me. :apple:
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    Mech Bay Showcase

    New Raven RVN-3L with all the extras. Beagle probe,Tag,ECM,Narc,Advance sensors,Advance target decay,Elite UAV And the "Tried and True" , never disappointing Stumpy STK-5M
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    Patch 1.39

    going for the jap sabre!!
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    Mechwarrior ONLINE!

    MUTHERFUCKING INTENSE FIREFIGHT ON THIS ONE>>> Butt clinched up and everything.
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    Ground game MUTHERFUQERS!

    Just Awesome!.. Edited for HD support!
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    Ground game MUTHERFUQERS!

    Tonight i will take more ~!
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    Ground game MUTHERFUQERS!

    The second wave of CBT has started!!! War Thunder — Open Beta Test Registration - The Second Wave! I am a happy camper.. thats "all" i can say.
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    Wicked design!

    PL-01 Concept Direct Fire Support Vehicle technical data sheet specifications pictures video*-*Army Recognition*-*Army Recognition
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    Ground game MUTHERFUQERS!

    War Thunder - free combat MMO game | NEWS dDont let this pass us by... i WILL be on that beta.. I would like some assistance is this if interested!
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    Battlefield 4 Community GiveAway

    ENJOY!!! :highly_amused:
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    Soldier Icon/Graphic

    I hope peeps make submission on ideas! this is kinda lame for a first. lol.
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    Battlefield 4 Beta likes + dislikes

    WOOOT!!!!! after patch im good...!!! game runs smooth!
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    Da fuq

    UM I will have oneeeeeeee!!!!
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    Sec 8 represented!

    IF anyone has a replay that they want edited to a score let me know.
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    War Thunder New Players Guide

    No defined aspect to the function. Devs are very vague on how this works. After reserch there are few that agree that it affects single pilot aircraft. LOTS OF DEBATE .... so u make up ur own mind on this one. There are many faults in this post from the blog spot. But very helpfull. The part on...